EVENTA is one of the leading agencies for organizing holidays, corporate parties, anniversaries, weddings, children's parties, as well as business events. EVENTA agency consists of high-tier experts, and they are not afraid of difficulties. They approach each event carefully, fleshing out all the details.
A complete transformation of the existing logo, boosting the credibility of the company, creating the image of respectability, going up to the world class level - these were the goals we pursued when developing the logo.
We created a stylish upside-down rectangle logo with metal embossing in golden color. On the right side, the contour line of the rectangle is folded inward so that it creates the shape of the letter "E". We highlighted the high status of the company in the event industry. Also, we emphasized that the company hosts not only entertainment but also business events, and that it is a serious, trustworthy organization.
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