Case «Onling»

Certified online courses

01. Client Certified online language courses from the best-qualified instructors in the world
02. Task Development of naming, unique logo design, corporate identity, and additional visual elements of the brand.
03. Solution Based on the company's key advantages, its nature, and the positioning of the brand, we proposed several naming options and selected the most suitable one that met all the required criteria. Onling is a catchy and easy to remember name made of two concepts - on-line + linguistics - a science that studies languages. The next step was the development of a unique logo design. After a thorough study of the company's field and creative brainstorming by the experts of Golden Minds, an original, minimalistic, modern logo was created. The Onling logo design is a combination of a graphic element and a specially selected font. The graphic element resembles a connection of a dialog box as a symbol of communication and a pointer arrow, which conducts associative perception with online activity in the digital space. Also, we thoroughly worked on the gradient color scheme of the logo. The logo is made in the innovative digital style of minimalism. Based on the values, ideas, naming, and logo design, a corporate and brand identity was developed. We developed graphic elements in the form of shaped plates and patterns, based on the details of the company's logo design, which were placed on various corporate brand carriers (business cards, letterheads, folders, certificates, etc.). Later, when developing the company's website, corporate identity will also be used in its design.