Сhopar is the first pizzeria in Tashkent, designed in the national style. Every day Chopar pleases its visitors with a fragrant, national, well-baked pizza, preserving all the traditions of its preparation!


The purpose of the presence of the brand in social media is to create a vibrant and interesting community for the target audience and increase loyalty. It was required to develop a corporate design for the Facebook page. Pay special attention to the formation of content that sells and entertains.


Together with the customer, interesting discussions for the audience were developed. At the heart of the content were: company news, selling posts, entertainment headings. Found a highlight for the brand - launched a poll on the Facebook page "Battle of pizza: who likes what pizza?" Many could not make a choice in favor of one. In the future, the pizzeria introduced a combined pizza in the menu - for those who can not make a choice.