Meat House CabinEt - restaurant of the Ottoman cuisine in Tashkent. Entering the restaurant CabinEt, you get to the eastern fairy tale with the " bitter plot". Guests of the restaurant will not remain indifferent, having tasted delicious dishes prepared according to ancient recipes.


It was required to develop a unique, inimitable image and design for the Facebook page. Create a strong and vibrant brand. Maximize sales in the shortest time. Start the HYIP.


The emphasis was on insolence, passion, luxury, the Ottoman Empire and, of course, MEAT. A PR strategy was developed to increase the recognition of the institution. We particularly and attentively designed and developed the content line of the Facebook page, we tried to consider everything: from the style of communication with the audience to the style of illustrations for posts. After there was the rapid growth of the restaurant's popularity and increased sales.