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EVENTA is one of the leading agencies in Uzbekistan for organizing celebrations, corporate parties, anniversaries, weddings, children's events, as well as business events. The agency EVENTA is a luxury professional, they are not afraid of difficulties. For each event, they fit carefully, working out the details.


Complete transformation of the existing logo, raising the company's credibility, image of solidity, reaching the world level - these are the goals we pursued when developing the logo.


We created a stylish logo in the form of an inverted rectangle with metal embossing and golden color. On the right side, the contour line of the rectangle is folded inward in such a way that it forms the shape of the letter "E". We have shown a high status in the field of the event industry. And they stressed that the company does not only entertain, but also business events, that it is a serious organization that deserves to be trusted.